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No problem, feel free to contact us with any queries. You can email contact@sucloud.io or call 0333 242 5148.

General Portal Questions

It is possible to use your own domain however there is a charge for this service. If you would like to use your own domain the first step is to ask us.

We will require your domain to be managed by our domain name servers due to the dynamic nature of our solution.

By default all Student Unions are configured for university.sucloud.io. If you would like us to change your configured subdomain, for example if you’d like, ‘swansea.sucloud.io’ changed to ‘swan.sucloud.io’ please get in touch and we can make the necessary modifications to the system.

It is also possible to use your own domain name, for example myunion.co.uk.

If you would like to use your own domain name for your club or society this is possible however there is a administration fee in addition to an annual charge.


Your SU Cloud Club Hostname: myclub.myuni.sucloud.io

Your Website: myclub.co.uk

You may wish for your portal to be accessible via: sucloud.myclub.co.uk

It is common for some Universities to have a Students Union looking after societies and a sports division looking after sports clubs. If this is the case for you we can configure two parent organisations with membership shared between the two, so if someone is a member of a club and society they will have one account for both.

This is a manually configured option and if you require this functionality please get in touch. Simple splits are free of charge but if you require something more complicated there may be a charge for this functionality if additional code is required to achieve your goal.

In most cases it is possible, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will see how we can help.

If your data is downloadable then it is likely we will be able to import the data to our database once we have translated the structure to fit in with our systems.

The system is capable of operating in both pay as you go model as well as on a subscription basis.

If you would like a quote please give us a call to discuss your needs – each organisation will have different requirements such as the level of support required, how much traffic we expect to see coming through the system, which features are in use and so forth.

We are offering the system license free of charge initially and all new features released will come with a free trial period which will either be time based or usage based depending on the feature.

Your Accounts

You can remove yourself from any club at any time by heading to your profile on any SU Cloud portal.

To remove your details from a students’ union you will need to close your account for the given university. Once complete your details will be removed from the Students’ Union and any clubs or societies your account is linked to.

Login to any SU Cloud Student Union, club or society and head to your account. In here you will find all details associated with your account.


At the bottom of every message sent by our system you will find information of how to opt out.

If this is absent the message will not have been sent by SU Cloud and you should contact the organisation in question regarding how to be removed from mailing lists.

At the end of each message sent by our system there is a link you can click to opt out. If this link is absent the message was not sent by our system and you will need to contact the students’ union, club or society directly to arrange for your details to be removed.

Yes, you can use the groups section to achieve this. You can create a secondary group and add the relevant members to it, once you have formed your groups you can return to the communication section and send a message to the group you require.

This can vary from case to case. Some university email servers will limit the number of emails we can send at once and so if everyone is registered using university email addresses it can take quite some time for emails to finish sending.

The same applies to some other mail providers, if you have a large quantity of members all on a provider which is rate limiting the messages will take longer to be received.

During busy periods when a lot of students’ unions, clubs or societies are sending emails from SU Cloud emails are placed in a queue for sending which can sometimes take 5 – 10 minutes to process.

Most popular email providers such as Gmail and Microsoft will typically receive the message within a couple of minutes.

Typically messages will be sent within 30 seconds however during busy periods it can sometimes take a little longer.

Congestion at mobile network providers and quality of reception can affect delivery times for some recipients.

You can purchase SMS credits from the communication section in your Student Union, Club or Society portal.

Yes, as a Students’ Union it is possible to purchase SMS credits which can be consumed by any of your clubs or societies.

There is a settings section in the communication section which will allow you to configure whether SMS credits can be shared by any club or society within your organisation.

Freshers Fair Recruitment Tool

In your portal you will find a section called ‘Members’. In here you will find the names of each person who has been signed up using the SU Cloud Recruitment Tool.

You will only be able to view their contact details if they have authorised you to do so.

Coming Soon: You will soon be able to request access to members details such as their phone number and email address.

You can change the message settings in the settings section which can be found within the Recruitment Tool section.

It is not possible to remove the GDPR compliance information at the bottom of your email, nor is it possible to remove the unsubscribe options.

It is likely that you have run out of SMS credits. We provide 35 free credits to every club and society that has joined SU Cloud, once your free credits have depleted you can buy more using the topup tool within the communication section.

If this is not the case you should double check that the information you are entering is correct and that the person expecting to receive a message has mobile phone reception.

If the member has authorised you to keep their details then their details will remain in the system until the end of the academic year.

If they have not authorised you to keep their details for longer the details will be automatically removed 30 days after the details were provided.

Members can authorise you to keep their details by clicking a link in the first email that was sent to them by the recruitment tool. We will soon be adding functionality which will allow you to request long term access.

If your Students’ Union was part of the beta testing trial your paid members will be in a group named ‘Paid Members’ and their details will not be removed from your system automatically.

If your Students’ Union was not part of the beta testing trial we do not have a way of knowing if a member has paid or not.

We will be developing a tool which will allow you to upload a spreadsheet of paid members to our system which will then add the member to the relevant groups for the clubs and societies they have joined.

Leaving SU Cloud

We’re sorry you’d like to leave. If there was something you weren’t happy with please get in touch to let us know so that we can improve our service.

If you would like to close your Student Union you can do so using the SU Cloud Portal for your Students’ Union, in the System Settings section you will find a ‘Delete’ subsection. Complete the necessary form and your Student Union will be deleted from SU Cloud.

All members that are not a member of a Club or Society will be deleted and your portal will be reset. You can request a new adoption code by contacting us, once you have your new code you can reconfigure your system.

You will need to be a member of the Super Users group on your portal to close your club or society account.

Head to the system settings section, in here you will find a ‘Delete’ subsection, follow the instructions and your club or society account will be closed and all data removed. Once you have completed this step it will not be possible to retrieve any data held in the system.

If members are a member of more than one club or society their Student Union account will not be deleted.

To close your account you should login to a portal, once logged in you can head to the ‘My Account’ and then to the ‘Tools’ subsection.

Here you will find options of what you can do, you can choose to leave SU Cloud entirely and all of your details will be removed, or you can choose to leave just some parts of SU Cloud such as a single club or society.