Society Management Features

Recruitment Tool

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Detailed signup statistics
  • Fully configurable
  • Secure

With the introduction of GDPR; maintaining a compliant freshers fayre has become a lot more challenging. Thankfully, we have developed a fully compliant tool which will enable you to maximise your membership numbers both as a Students’ Union and Club or Society.

Automatically send out information about your Club / Society, and as a Students’ Union, you can include essential information for your potential members. This society management tool is a good example of how the features from SU Cloud are refined with university clubs in mind.

How does it work?

There are two methods of data capture, the first where details are captured by the club or society committee member using a mobile phone, with a secondary input method available which can be displayed on a laptop at your stall allowing interested persons to type in their details and receive further information electronically.

Once details have been captured, a GDPR compliance email is sent to the interested party letting them know how they can opt out of further information along with information of how to join the club or society they were interested in.

As a club or society you can then use communication tools such as email and SMS to send details of your upcoming events such as socials or training sessions. 

Email & SMS

  • Send Email & Text Messages (SMS)
  • Whatsapp Integration (Coming Soon)
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Audit Trails
  • Custom ‘Sent From’ Names for SMS

Easily send text messages or emails to thousands of members in your union, club or society with just a few clicks. Specify groups of members to send messages to, or send it to everyone within your portal.

As a Student Union you can configure a footer that is appended to all emails your clubs and societies send.

As a society you can send email or text reminders about your upcoming events such as “give it a go” sessions, socials, fixtures or meetups.

Facility Booking

  • Fully configurable
  • Rental vehicle bookings
  • Coach bookings
  • Room bookings
  • Facility bookings (Swimming Pools, Fields etc)
  • Activity Logs
  • DVLA Integration (coming soon)

Keeping track of bookings for facilities such as playing fields, conference rooms and vehicles can be time consuming and cumbersome. Our facility booking tool allows easy management of all of your transport, room and facility bookings from a simple online tool.

Updates are sent automatically at each stage of a booking, when a club or society requests a booking the Students Union will receive an email notifying them of the booking request, the club or society is then notified when the booking is either accepted or rejected.

Coming Soon:

DVLA integration to perform drivers’ license checks for bookings. This can give you the confidence that your drivers hold the correct categories for the vehicles they wish to book and are within your insurance limits for any penalties they have on their license.

Committee Elections

  • Define when elections can take place
  • Define your own committee positions, or allow clubs / societies to do so
  • Secure, Scalable & Reliable
  • First & Second Choice Voting
  • Optional YouTube integration
  • Fully Configurable

Elections within clubs and societies are often performed in sub optimal ways. During our research phase we found there were a number of election methods employed with very few clubs or societies reporting that they are happy with the way in which their elections were conducted.

Our club/society election tool allows you to ensure that elections across all of your clubs and societies are conducted fairly and within the parameters you define. This relieves committee members of the usual social stress induced by conducting elections.

As a student union you can define rules around elections which are enforced to ensure all of your club and society elections are conducted in a fair and appropriate manner.

Our system has been subjected to extensive performance testing and tuning to ensure that even if every club and society in the country decide to conduct their elections at the same time, it will scale to meet this demand.

Asset Management

  • Make Intelligent Finance Decisions
  • Searchable
  • Upload pictures
  • Comprehensive Access Configuration
  • Track damage & repairs

With tens of thousands of items owned by Students’ Unions it can often be a mammoth challenge keeping track of everything, especially when an insurance audit is looming. Our asset management tool allows you to manage all of your assets no matter what they are.

As a student union you can benefit from intelligent decision making, if your clubs and societies have been keeping the database up to date with faults and repairs you can see at a glance what the state of equipment for a given club is. Our tool can enable you to make intelligent decisions on funding applications with full fault tracking.

The system is fully configurable to your needs, and if there’s something we aren’t currently catering for please get in touch and we will do our best to implement this additional functionality for you.

How does it work?

Each club/society can manage their own assets and you (as their Union) can configure what the allowable activities are, for example, you can restrict who is allowed to add or remove items, or who can add notes on items and much more. When you’re getting started you may choose to allow your clubs to perform any actions on assets and then remove this access later to allow you to conduct a full audit of assets reported. Once this has been performed you may choose to only allow assets to have fault reports added to them but not be modified or deleted.

Member Management

  • Add / Remove Members
  • Send emails
  • Send text messages
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Notes
  • Address management
  • Audit Trails

Our cloud based Student Union management system has been designed with membership management at its’ core. There are a range of tools available for member management including grouping, notes and much more.

Groups are used to group members together within a club or society, or indeed within the Students’ Union itself. You can send emails or text messages to groups, perform bulk actions and assign additional permissions to groups.

How does it work?

Each member has a primary profile within your organisation (the SU), this is used to store their basic contact and login information. That individual can then be a member of many different clubs and societies within your organisation, this makes members easier to manage and allows them to keep all their relevant personal information up to date under one profile.

Upcoming Features...

There are a number of features which are nearly ready to launch. If you’d like to join our beta testing programme please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We have given indicative dates of when each feature may become available however if there is something listed here which you would like to see sooner, please do let us know and we can look to accelerate development to release the service sooner than planned.


  • Product pictures
  • Categories
  • Customisation Of Product Options (such as size, colour etc)
  • Online Payments
  • Order Summary

Enable your clubs and societies to sell merchandise online with full financial reporting and order tracking. Making live easier for club committees and offering peace of mind to Student Unions.

Expected Release: December 2021 (Beta testing available immediately)

Student Union Elections

  • Define when elections can take place
  • Define your own positions
  • Secure, Scalable & Reliable
  • First & Second Choice Voting
  • Optional YouTube integration
  • Fully Configurable

Student Union elections done right. We currently offer election tools for individual clubs & societies, this service will cater for the wider election process and will seamlessly integrate with club and society elections if so desired.

Expected Release: January 2021

Ticket Sales

  • Enable commission for clubs & societies.
  • Detailed statistics on ticket sales & usage.
  • Ability to sell from any club or society website.
  • Discount & Promotional Codes
  • WordPress integration.

Centralised ticket sales, sell tickets for your events on every club and society website complete with entrance scanning and detailed statistics.

Expected Release: February 2021

Online Membership Payments

  • Maximise your Membership
  • User Friendly
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • weekly, monthly and yearly billing periods
  • recurring payments 

Allow members to join and pay for memberships to your clubs and societies online with a smooth integrated experience.

Members can pay for coaching sessions, tips and more as part of their club subscriptions, this helps clubs save time chasing members for payments and stops committee members having to handle cash. 

Expected Release: August 2021 (If sufficient demand we can be ready for January 2021)


  • Grant online access to clubs/societies
  • Fine grained privilege system
  • Purchase requests
  • Add notes to transactions
  • Automate deposits

During our research phase we found a common complaint from clubs/societies was not being able to easily check their account balances. Our accounts tool will allow you to keep track of finances across all of your clubs or societies, accept purchase requests online, allow receipts and invoices to be uploaded and provide up to date balance information.

Expected Release: December 2021 (Beta Testing Is Avaliable Now )


  • Welsh
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Polish

Our SU management tool is fully capable of operating in multiple languages however translation work has not yet commenced. We intend on releasing a crowd translation tool which will allow users to self translate the system with peer reviews confirming the validity of translations. Our primary focus will be on the languages listed.

Our developers are currently testing Welsh language functionality and we expect this to be ready early 2020.