• Create your positions
  • Allocate times for uploading manifestos, endorsements & voting
  • Upload manifesto, accepts both videos and  writing
  • Upload Endorsements
  • Anonymously vote for your candidates
  • Selected committee members hold the results and can reveal them accordingly.

Qualification Management

  • Create custom qualifications
  • Upload qualifications, this be done by members or by committee members on their club members behalf 
  • Receive notification when qualifications are due to expire


  • Easy access form for gathering new member details, and automatically adding them to your club
  • Easy  outreach to new and existing members using our communication section for engagement in future events your club hosts.


  • Input your own merch, products can have picture albums and descriptions 
  • Set your own prices
  • Send payments to an account of your choice


  • Allocate spaces
  • Drivers
  • petrol is calculated 
  • I don’t know what to write, this is made up


  • Instantly contact individuals, groups of people, or your entire club at the click of a button

Asset Management

  • Create and and share documents
  • Add Expenses & Bills

Member Management

  • Add / Remove Members
  • Send emails
  • Send text messages
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Notes
  • Address management
  • Dynamic levels of access for your portal.